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Recyclable Items
Your help is needed!

Please help us maintain an efficient recycling program by following these procedures:
Keep recyclable items clean and free of contamination.
Please DO NOT LEAVE ANY NON-RECYCLABLE ITEMS, it jeopardizes the recycling program



Recycle Your Bear Spray!
Yellowstone National Park, working with several public and private partner organizations, today unveiled a unique new recycling technology at REI’s Bozeman, Montana, store that allows Yellowstone area visitors to be both safe and green.  Click here to find out where to recycle your bear spray!

Visit gallatin.mt.gov/recycling for further recycling options.
  • Plastic Recyclables: Should be emptied and flattened with caps on.  No plastic bags, clamshells (berry containers) or styrofoam.

  • Paper Recyclables: Newspaper, magazine, phone books, junk mail, office paper and paperback books are accepted.  Staples are ok. No neon paper of fibers that do not tear.

  • Cardboard Recyclables: All boxes should be broken down to conserve space in the bins prior to pickup. Brown bags are accepted in cardboard.  No food contaminated such as pizza boxes or wax coated materials such as 1/2 gallon milk cartons are accepted in these bins.

  • Aluminum and Steel: All aluminum and steel cans are accepted.  Please crush.

  • Glass: Due to current market conditions and shipping & handling costs, we are currently not accepting glass. We do, however, recycle Bayern Beer Bottles. Ask us about getting a Bayern Ecopack to start recycling your bottles!
  •  Curbside pick-up currently offered by:
    • J and K Recyclers:(406) 582-0243
    • The City of Livingston Transfer Station: (406) 222 - 1142
(Freon removal carries a $25 fee)